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500$ FREE Google Ad Credits

What is and what does it do? is an artificial intelligence-based image designing platform that facilitates the creation of high-converting ads or images in a few minutes.

It's simple to begin creating brand-based creative that leads to high conversions while saving you time and money. provides $500 Google Ad credits to their news readers for free, this is available to anyone who signs up for their news service.

How does work?

Adcreative allows first-time users to easily set up their account by choosing their brand name, logo and colors. It's also easy to link to an existing ad account or client account.

They can then start choosing the post size to generate the ad creation they want.

As you know, different platforms have different formats. In order to create a successful ad, you need to optimize your creative for each platform you upload it to. You can upload your own pictures or choose from over 15 million high-quality pictures provided for free with your account. Click Save and Next.

Here you can avail free $500 credits.

It's so easy to create eye-catching ad designs with the help of

Most importantly, these generated ad creations are rated by a "trust score" assigned by the platform itself. The higher the value, the more powerful the ad design.

You can see the confidence score for each ad in the upper right corner. Clicking the download button will download the creative to your computer.

Or you can post them directly to your Google or Facebook ad account with just one click.

AI Text Generator - For Copywriting also offers a built-in AI text generator that helps users create action-oriented copy for their ads, and the best part is that you don't have to pay extra for AI text generator like other tools.

Add unlimited team members

Another thing I like most about the platform is that you can invite as many people as you want to work on different projects.

Benefits of Using

  • Conversion rates were 14x higher than ad creatives built without a data-driven approach.
  • Machine learning models are learning every day and delivering the latest ideas with one purpose: conversion.
  • is optimized for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Google Ads and Bing Ads to easily enrich your advertising channels.
  • Your unique A.I. understands your brand colors and fonts to create a seamless design that matches your brand.
  • Generate hundreds of converting ad variations while maintaining the same brand.
  • Reduce design tasks and costs by up to 90%. Spend time and money on yourself and your business
  • Spend your money on creatives that translate and take advantage of the most powerful artificial intelligence in the ad creation market.

Also, each plan comes with a 100% 7-day free trial, which means you can use it for 7 days to try out its features and benefits before paying anything.

Isn't it great!

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