Top 10 ways to make money online


The idea of making extra money in your spare time or instead of surfing social networks comes to mind for most people, but not everyone knows how to make it happen.

Especially since you want to spend as little time as possible and get as much money as possible.

Top 10 ways to make money online


Many people make money with the help of a personal blog. A blogger's income is not limited.
The most popular option is a channel with video content on YouTube, with which TikTok, social networks and messengers compete.

A blogger's earnings depend on the number of views, not of the channel itself, but of the ads that will be shown to users.

This is also how social networks work. For placement, the advertiser pays the owner of the account or channel a certain amount, so pages with a large number of subscribers bring good earnings.

But it is rash to hope for super profits from social networks or video hosting overnight.
Bloggers invest a lot of time and effort. They have to analyze their target audience, choose a format and constantly learn new information.

Earnings from hobbies.

Creativity and needlework can be an additional or main source of income. Knitting, sewing, baking cakes or any other kind of handmade is in demand.

You can sell products on your page in social networks, friends and acquaintances, and then gradually expand the circle of customers. The second option is to create an online store and run targeted advertising on your target audience.

Online training

If you have enough personal experience and knowledge in any area, you can share them with others. There are already many experts who sell courses on the Internet, but if you create your own format, different from others created before, there are bound to be followers.
The program can apply to any field of activity.
Online coaches teach graphic design and programming languages as well as interpersonal communication and home organization.


 Putting thoughts into a coherent text is taught in school, but not everyone becomes a writer or journalist. You don't need a degree in philology to create articles on the Internet. Not every professional editor will be able to write about internal combustion engines, accounting, online games or rolled metal. On the copywriting exchanges you can get real experience, skills and first money. If you like the process then you can turn writing materials for Internet resources into an additional or main type of earnings.

Earnings on responses and comments

It is possible to write reviews and comments on a product or service, but the main thing is to find a resource that pays money for it.

You can act in two ways:

  1. Register at a freelance or copywriting exchange, where you can get paid for a review right after the order is executed.
  2. Write a detailed comment on an online review site. The site will pay for each thousand views.

 If the review becomes popular, the site will remit money repeatedly.

It is difficult to say in advance which option is more profitable, so they can be combined. The main thing is that the review should be unique and not repeated anywhere on the Internet.

Wholesale purchase of goods

When shopping on the Internet, everyone is looking for goods only for their own needs.

If you scale the process and make bulk purchases, you can not only save money, but also make money.

Looking for partners for joint purchases, or goods that are in high demand, you can use their own social networks or thematic communities in your city. You can charge a percentage or a flat fee for organizing the redemption and delivery process.

Renting out machinery

You can make money online by renting out appliances or any other specialized equipment.

If the equipment is not used or it is temporarily no longer needed, it is much more profitable to offer it for rent than to leave it to gather dust. The highest response rate will be obtained by placing your ads on the online boards of your city.

Buying Used Items

Buying up broken or old appliances, furniture or any other items can also be profitable.
But it is profitable to engage in repair and resale only for those who have a good understanding of how to get the thing in order for its subsequent resale. If you have repair and redesign skills, submit ads online for the purchase of suitable items, give them a "second life" and make money on it.

Earn money in social networks

Keeping groups and communities in social networks will suit those who like to spend a lot of time on the Internet.
SMM at a basic level can be mastered by anyone who is interested in it. If this kind of earnings will fascinate, then you can deepen the knowledge and become a sought-after specialist.

Participation in affiliate programs

Everyone can participate in affiliate programs, but the most profitable kind of earnings is for bloggers or personalities, around which there is a loyal audience.

The process is as follows: the intermediary (referrer) enters into an affiliate agreement with the seller. Then the referrer shares a link through which the participant (referral) attracted by him performs the target action:

  • - buys a product;
  • - makes a subscription;
  • - fills the questionnaire;
  • - concludes a deal.

For this referral partner pays a percentage of the transaction or a fixed payment. Also, earnings may depend on the referral's turnover.

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